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What texture sheet should I be using if I wanted to have my taxilines match what is drawn in the sim by default using the link paths? Is that possible? I'm guessing it would be in the FSX/Texture folder but not sure


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RTFM indeed :)

However all I am getting is a black line. I copied the DDS file from the FSX/Texture folder into the ADE/Texture folder and everything compiled okay. I've attached the GP line I have set up. The line itself is a curve but the editor shows it straight.

This DDS taxiway markings file is one that has been created by REX, it is not the default one. i don't think that would make a difference tho? REX would have to follow the same layout as the default texture and the file opens as DXT5 in DXTBmp



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The line itself is a curve but the editor shows it straight.
You probably should spend a little more time with the manual. This is covered. Just how would the line be shown as a curve in the editor and still be applied to this texture.

However all I am getting is a black line
The most common cause of a black line a missing texture. Is the texture in the addon-scenery texture folder. (ADE_GP will have copied the texture to wherever you had the compiled file saved. But, if that's not to the add-on scenery folder where the ADE bgl files will eventually reside, then you'll have to copy the texture there manually - like any other scenery texture. The fact that it's already in the FSX\Texture folder isn't relevant because scenery doesn't access that folder normally.

I have no idea what is REX. But, if it makes standard .dds files, its not an issue.

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I got it working. In my fussing around I had a duplicate texture in one of my other scenery folders. FSX, when encountering duplicate textures, just shows black. I also deleted the DDS from my airport texture folder and the sim fell back to the FSX/texture folder to find the taxiway textures, which is nice - Real Environment Extreme (REX) allows people to change the look of their taxiway textures so I didn't want to have to tell people to copy their version into the airport scenery folder so the textures would match.