FSXA "Destructible" scenery

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Don't know you have noticed but RAZBAM is having a "going out of the FSX business" sale. You can get their planes for a song…if somebody will pay you $10 for singing…but I digress.

I filled out my RAZBAM military titles - A-7s and Harriers. The aircraft were some of the first aircraft that had expendable ordnance (Navy for for "droppable bombs and rockets that go whoosh…and all go "Bang" when they hit the ground).

That said, "No AI or static scenery are injured" in the Free Flight air strikes. However, they do mention that it is possible to include destructible scenery in Missions. So how would one go about that?

I've built a replica of the NAS Fallon target ranges (a base and an area where I have had way to much experience with over my time in the Navy…why the heck were we always scheduled in the winter! Cold!).

I assume that if I wanted to have one of the range targets actually "get blown up" the following is, in general, how the mission would be coded.

Assumption: Once a bomb, missile or rocket (maybe just the bombs) is released from the aircraft, it becomes an AI aircraft. For a bomb, essentially a glider with a VERY poor gliding ratio. In Free Flight mode, once the bomb "lands"/crashes it is replaced at that point with an object with a fire/smoke effect. (they may even be using the default FSX effect).

Misson Coding:
1. Set a piece of scenery (e.g. building - an ammo bunker mockup - I'd use one of those Farm quonset huts) into the mission scenery.
2. Establish an area around it - a bit bigger than the object - size depending on the ordnance to be used; the bigger the bomb, the larger its area of "primary ordnance effect"…i.e. a bigger boom=more blast effect.
3. Set an area trigger so that anything entering the area sets off the trigger.
4. If the trigger is tripped, the resulting action are:
- Removed the scenery area.
- Insert sert custom made "smoking rubble" (RABAM effects automatic?)
- Insert "secondary explosions" with sound if applicable
- Insert sound "Ah Ha! Jester's Dead!" or appropriate line from Top Gun or The Flight of the Intruder. ;)
5. There is no step five unless it is part of a Goal, then add all the goal actions.

I am pretty sure this wold work for mobile/AI scenery. Thus you could do the same with a moving truck or boat.

However, before I go down this path, I'd like to be fairly are t is not dead end.

Any thoughts or ideas on the above?

(Please note I am specifically discussing training/range work missions. As a 28 year Navy veteran (non aviator) who has had more than my fair share of planning real world missions–and all that comes with it–I have issues with FSX becoming a "Military sim"…albeit that ship has sailed with the release of TacPack…still)
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Will, your 5 steps look O.K. I've used a similar approach when using droppable objects. You could check out the default flour bomb mission, where I got the working details from.
By the way, make sure the objects have reasonable flight dynamics - they will actually drop correctly as opposed to 'straight down'.
Nice work with Pilates Ghost, by the way!
Cheers - Dai.
Dai, Brillant! The flour flour bomb mission! (Insert emoticon forehead slap). It was sitting in front of me the whole time! And I just went out and bought RAZBAM's A-6 because it had similar missions…well it was only $10.

Regarding the flight dynamics: Great point - as of now, I'm using 3rd party aircraft, RAZBAM, Milviz, IRIS, VRS, etc. So it will be their aerodynamics…which all seem pretty good.

I'm glad you liked Pilate's Ghost. The simNovel concept was something I had rattling around in the back of my head for a while. Once I retired from the Navy I finally had a chance to give it a shot.

…SPOILERS ALERT - If you are not finished, don't highlight/change color of the line immediately below!
We may see LaoBan, Jon and Chuck again in the future.

The current project–freeware–will be a few missions for those folks who snapped up RAZBAM military aircraft at their going out of the FSX business sale. Call them "simNovelets" ;)

Thanks for the answer - you have simplified my life immensely. :D

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LOL! Yes that is what I meant!

According to my on line dictionary, a Novelette is a short, lite story that is "romantic or sentimental in character."

I definitely don't write romantic or sentimental :cool: …although the protagonist in Pilate's Ghost did hook up with a minor character…but that was just a plot device so I could have him be at certain places, see certain things and say certain things at the right time to keep the story going.…but it wasn't romantic or sentimental…really! :D

I'm not too familiar with the intricacies of development for FSX "Mission" mode, but I though you might be interested in the non-mission mode mechanisms for "Damage Modeling" in FS aircraft models (see: "visual_damage" in the Aircraft.Cfg):




Also, IIUC, SimObject Display Engine (aka "SODE" might be of interest in this regard, depending on compatibility with- or suitability as an alternative to- what is provided in FSX native "Mission" mode and/or via the "TacPack" add-on cited above ...or its 'alternative':


Have fun ! :cool:

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Thanks again Dai - I "explored" the HTML code for the Flour Power mission (available in the SDK help app) - and was able to set up a basic test mission. Thanks!

Thanks Gary for the links. I'm going to have to study the discussions a bit more - some pretty complicated stuff in there.