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FSX Detailed Airport Grond Textures

Hi all.
Simplified question. How can I create high resolution airport taxiway and runway textures. Is GMAX the bottomline answer?

I assume I could always use SKU (sketchup) and a lot of small, highly detailed tiles, but I don't know. Perhaps its a lot of work and theres an easier or more appropriate way.

Currently I use SKU, MCX, SBuilderX, ADE (which I have been able to use for medium size apron ground textures).

What do commercial developers typically use?


Here's how my scenery is looking, I would like to improve the taxiways:

Yea... Sketchup... :scratchch good software to begin with. But what if you need texture bake ? Ok, use LightUp plugin. What if you need correction on UVs ?
Commercial developers won't typically use sketchup. You always will find that sketchup is short on capabilities. If you want to go commercial choose MAX, MAYA, C4D and of course the best of the best one - BLENDER which is free.

MCX, SBuilderX, ADE and many others are tools to make developer's life a lot sweeter. :coffee:
Shaun, thanks for the tutorial. However that only shows a solid patterned profile with a single sized texture. I can do that in ADE all day. I am looking for a way to do higher definition taxiways and runways that are not "constantly repeated".

fsfox, thanks for the recommendations. I assume there are tutorials for Blender?
fsfox, thanks for the recommendations. I assume there are tutorials for Blender?
Sure there are, I would say plenty and good and clear tutorials.. If you are just new in blender I recommend some from these series http://www.littlewebhut.com/blender/ . This is for your technical understanding. Then in youtube I recommend to watch Andrew's Price channel, also Oliver Villar YT channel.
So you are about to spend 2-4 weeks to get use to blender if hard, every day learning.
Then FSDeveloper blender's forum tutorials, and do not forget to install Capt_X's Blender to FSX toolset to be able export .x for FSX file with all of your materials. Sure you can do OBJ or Collada too and set materials in MCX..
Thanks for your interest.


If you hate Blender's Left/Right mouse clicks then you can change it over to Right/Left. So you can use it as in the most of programs like SKP, WORD, MAX etc..
But if you change the buttons over, then tutorials will sound a bit strange.. :D
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thanks guys. Incredible, but while driving home I came up with an idea, why not try to use ADE to do this? Took me 10 minutes! As good as any payware scenery I have.

Will still look at Blender though!


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hey pinkjr,
The last picture you've uploaded, taxi.jpg. Did you use ADE to make those taxi lines over the photoreal polygon?
yes sir, you bet. If you download my latest scenery from FlightSim TJBQ 2015, all ground texture was done using ADE. Here's another sample pic.
Takes a while. The hardest thing to do on any scenery is the ground textures. I've read more tutorials on photoshop that I have on FS development.

But just like the picture states, you start with a seamless texture of concrete or asphalt as a base, and then you add layers of "noise" which are transparencies. Some add dark edges, other lighter worn-out center areas, airplane shadows, simulated oil leaks and skid marks, and even broken apron edges.
The difficulty lies on editing the images for transparency use. Placing them with ADE is just work, but the results quickly pay off.