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MSFS Dev Mode & Building now Toast.....

Been building packages quite happily in SU7, when from 10am today constant CTD's when building a package using either the Build Package in Dev Mode and NOW the fspackagetool. Does not work even on previous successful builds. Just sits, hangs and dies.

Dev mode has been painful with all assists turned on every time (annoying and time consuming but workable), the dev camera not working to WASD as it was (I know there is a sub menu - but really?!!)

and now this.... from 10am this morning I cannot build anything.

Win10, decent system, all patched and up to date, SU7.... only moan when I have to etc

I am starting to think this is just too damn hard.... spending hours on fixing or working around Asobo bugs is really soooooo annoying... just as you think you are there... WHAM along comes another nuclear SU or WU .

Oh and yes.... we use gltf's from blender.... that should really come as no surprise to anybody as its Asobo's design

I really do not know how the big studio's are tolerating this - there must be millions of wasted man hours going into the development of larger projects

anyway - if anybody does have a solution I would be eternally grateful