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Development Release


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I have just posted Development Release It fixes all reported issues since the redevelopment to recognize PV5 airports. Barring further reports of major issues, this release is destined to become the next general release.

So, those of you who are fairly active and who have not already done so, I encourage you to give this development release a try, in the hope that doing so will minimize the flood of issue reports that seems invariably to follow a general release containing such significant change.

I also want to point out that the first time you run, it will force AirportList.dat to be regenerated. So, if you were previously experiencing a startup delay due to the list being re-generated, you're going to experience it once more but it should only be once.
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Development Release just posted. It fixes a couple of issues having to do with airport cross-referencing between Flightsim versions.

PLEASE, if you have recently collected stock airports, delete any files from your AFLT folder (not the Base Data folder) whose names begin with "StockAirportList" before running this new version of AIFP.
PLEASE, if you have recently collected stock airports, delete any files from your AFLT folder (not the Base Data folder) whose names begin with "StockAirportList" before running this new version of AIFP.

I presume that if you collect Stock airports then the "AFLT.exe" file in AIFP creates an AFLT folder as mentioned in your last post. I was initially confused as AFLT is currently being used as the title of your Airfield Lights generation program -perhaps a name change is in order?
I have found a couple of things with both concerned with Collecting Airports.

After Installing I regenerated both stock and addon airport lists to ensure that I introduce no issues.
The stock airport generation went without a hitch.
With the Addon generation the first thing is a request not exactly an error. The duplicate report has reverted back to the old list of ICAOs only rather than the list with full path names. Can this be re-instated please.
Secondly once the duplicates list has been OK'd the option to save the addons appears. When you click on save an error requester appears.

When you click OK it says it saves the file, and it does save a file but it does not save the full path in the AirportList_AddOns.dat and also when checking the StockAirportList_FS9.dat listing the full paths are truncated. Here is the first line as an example :-

If you need anything else let me know.
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Both issues found and fixed. Somewhere along the way, I dropped the possibility that stock data may not be in the Flightsim folder.
Don, I think a slight tweak might be needed in the Duplicates listing.
Using a dupes listing was produced, after a Find/Collect was done for both Stock and Addon airports.

Part of the listing finds a few triplicates. One example show the three lines :-

I checked and there are 3 AP files for KMEM, active, but it only lists the paths for two of them, one is duplicated.
I have more than one example of this and in each case it is the same the first and third are repeated.
The third AP file is the F:\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\scenery folder.

If you need anything else just ask.