FSX Directe compilation

I always generate scenery MDL when I work with FSDS. No BGL nor aircraft MDL.

Is there a way, shortcut or other tric to compile directly, without having to click File > Create FS Object File > Scenery Object File > Model File...? I know, I know, I'm lazy ...

If you have a keyboard with programmable keys you can make some nice lazy shortcuts to do most things with FSDS.

I've got a Logitech G110 keyboard which has 12 G keys which can be programmed to do a serious of keystrokes. So, you could program a key to start with ALT (to display the menu) and then a serious of up, down, left, right key presses to move to the necessary menu item.

For example, I have a key set to fix a polygons texture using the custom texture command. This is programmed into the key with ALT, O, T, DOWN, ENTER. So it takes only one key press for me to do this otherwise laborious task.