Display problem with PAPI lights

First of all: Thanks to Jeff for this excellent tool.
It took me not more than one hour to get my PAPI lights burning. :)

But I have a display problem:

When I turn off the PAPI lights, everything looks OK.
But when I turn them on, the display looks like this:

I have checked the XML file over and over again but I cannot find a mistake.
It looks like a layer at the altitude of my PAPI lights (2#AGL). When I move upwards, I go through the layer and its not visible anymore.
I attach my XML file. Perhaps somebody finds a mistake that I didn't notice.

Thanks in advance


Guenter, everything's perfect with your code, the fault lies within the model itself.

Technical background: To prevent the model from being hidden too soon by FSX, I had to increase the bounding box of the model by making a big horizontal plane. This plane should be transparent, but I forgot to assign the proper transparent material to the plane...simple as that ;-) Note that the PAPI_Light model was a quick and dirty example I created within 5 minutes or so to demonstrate the PAPI functionality. It is by far not yet optimized with regards to visibility vs. distance for example.
Hello Jeffrey,

thanks for your quick response.
I'm glad, that my configuration and my code is OK.

The PAPI itself works perfectly. So we will create a model of our own (I think, Jörg is already working on that).
I'm looking forward to try the other features of SODE.


Resource contributor
Hi Günter,
Currently I am working on the windsocks which will take some time. But why don't you convert one of your windsocks to a FSX-Object with MCX, place that as a library object and only place the lights with SODE. To prevent the model being hidden too soon I always place a larger object under the earth. So you have no problems with transparency.

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