Edge Technique (or lack thereof)....

Seeing as my noise layer blends the underlying tiled asphalt into the surrounding photo scenery, I, like other good quality work I have seen, let this do the work.

Of course it wont give you a crisply defined high resolution edge. But with a big airport it's going to cost a lot of verts, and it saves one another day or so of tediously lofting shapes.

Photo shopping the aerial image takes days. But I would do this anyway for the noise layer

I do this by free-selecting the areas I want to get rid of, feathering it, and removing it non-destructively with a blend mask.

Note I'm not drawing right up to the asphalt. The feathering works both ways, and could start to blend out the asphalt.

Then I photoshop (GIMP in my case!) it to take out all of the lines etc, and chop it up into 1024x1024 to use as my noise layer (I make the whole thing a multiple of 1024x1024 first to make it easier. Each tile is then made into ground poly tiles, by the technique discussed elsewhere. Each poly tile is semi-transparent btw! It doesn't show here!

The this is simply exported with the ground polys at the highest layer (besides my light splash).

Now this is just my way of doing it at the moment. It's probably not the best or fastest. And will not give you a crisp high resolution edge. But that's not what I'm after.

This is a semi-transparent DXT5!

There is an underlying high resolution asphalt base which is a bit difficult to see here.

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Well, you were making a fuss about using splines instead of quads before, that results in far less extra polys/verts than using lofted edges.:teacher:
The 60k+ extra verts might not affect fps that much. But I haven't seen edges used in any of my scenery addons. And a couple of fps cost here and there can add up.
I'm just a "Caveman Scenery Designer" … understood about half of what you all were talking about…but the result looks great. :)