EDHI Hamburg Finkenwerder in development

Christian Bahr

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Hi pinkjr.

It's not my project. This is the work of developer Dieter Kreiskott. I represent Dieter's interests here with the FSDevelopers so he can concentrate on his airport project.

Dieter reads here and he will be very happy about your friendly compliment :)
For our friends of the FS9 it looks currently not so good. But this can only be decided by the developer himself. I can not give an answer at this time :)
This scenery looks very familiar to those, created by Aerosoft... is this one going to be developed by Aerosoft as well?
As you mentioned, this is created by someone, named Dieter Kreiskott... is Dieter working for Aerosoft currently?

Christian Bahr

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This scenery looks very familiar to those, created by Aerosoft... is this one going to be developed by Aerosoft as well?
As you mentioned, this is created by someone, named Dieter Kreiskott... is Dieter working for Aerosoft currently?

This article in the forum is primarily intended to document the development process of Hamburg Finkenwerder EDHI. All further information on the publication will be communicated later :)

Christian Bahr

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Dieter Kreiskott was again very diligent and has created many new buildings and a part of the lighting system (3d lights), as well as the aerial image revised. Furthermore, a running light "Rabbit" and SODE-driven wind objects have been added:

Preview Video Running Rabbit in Prepar3Dv4

New buildings 1

New buildings 2

New buildings 3

3-D Lamps with dynamic lights

As an avatar you do not run in darkness anymore :D

Part of Lighting System in EDHi with 3d-lights and dynamic lights

SODE-driven windsock in EDHI

A very important piece of information. The developer decided to publish the project EDHI Hamburg Finkenwerder as a donation project. Dieter hopes that the income will help people in need.

This looks really amazing, absolutely professional work similar to ORBX and Aerosoft.

If you see the progress in the details, then you can imagine how MEGA the airport will look at the end
My Congratulations to Dieter and his team.

Really good JOB, GO AHEAD! :)

Christian Bahr

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Yes, thank you! But Finkenwerder is not yet finished. Dieter does most of the work alone, so he does not need a team :)

Christian Bahr

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It continues with the development work in EDHI Finkenwerder, the pictures show the current state of development ...

Overview of the many buildings in Finkenwerder

The entire airport area in the overview

The engine test stand in EDHI

There is also AI boat traffic

The unloading dock on the river Elbe

Even dynamic wind objects are not missing. Here is the picture of the customized SODE windsock

Meanwhile, the building library alone has grown to 85 buildings! The developer Dieter Kreiskott will probably be finished by Christmas with his project, at least he does everything for it. And Dieter has found a large publisher, through the EDHI Finkenwerder is published as a donation project :)

Christian Bahr

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Hereby it will be officially announced!

From 15.12, so the planned release date, Finkenwerder can be purchased in the download shop of Aerosoft. The minimum price was set at 11.90 euros. So 10, - min. For the hospice and 1.90 taxes Aerosoft must pay yes. However, everyone at the site may also give more, which we would all like to concede. Because it is for a really good cause and the developer Dieter Kreiskott has also put a lot of time into it for you.

Now it is in your hands how successful the donation project will be ... :)

The aerial picture and the variations
Of course, only three variations were planned for the aerial photo in Finkenwerder, now it has become five - the coverage of the seasons is therefore complete :)

During the development process in Finkenwerder also new techniques were tried out, old techniques were refined. This resulted in five different variations of the aerial photo. Four of the five variations refer to the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. The fifth variation of the aerial picture is the night aerial picture. Again, an old technique with a new and self-developed technique was applied, which comes for the first time in Finkenwerder to wear. The result can be seen here:

The seasonal variations of the aerial image at a glance

Pictures 2&3: Using a new and self-developed technology to put snow on the aerial photos. Snowdrifts are also visible.

Pictures 4&5: The "baked" lights of the aerial image in combination with the dynamic lights of the P3Dv4

Christian Bahr

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Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airport (EDHI) was released today!

You can buy it now in the Aerosoft Shop for 11,90 EUR: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/2276/hamburg-finkenwerder?c=6

The net proceeds (10EUR) goes to 100% to a donation project, the recipient is the children's hospice Baltasar in Germany (https://www.kinderhospiz-balthasar.de/startseite.html)

Here is the product text of the official Aerosoft page:

Product information "Hamburg-Finkenwerder

Experience the birthplace of the popular Airbus planes! The airport Hamburg-Finkenwerder is the factory airport of Airbus, as such serving the maiden flights of the A320 family, among others.

The scenery Hamburg-Finkenwerder by Dieter Kreiskott recreates this airfield completely for FSX and Prepar3D. All buildings on the premise are modelled and placed on an aerial image with a resolution of 15cm/pixel, including variations for spring, summer, autumn, winter and night. The autogen also comes with automatic seasonal adaptations. Adding to that, there are 3D approach lights, 3D PAPIs and under floor Edge Lights. In Prepar3D V4, the scenery displays dynamic lighting.

A 3D modelled jetty at the Elbe with animated ship traffic, static aircraft and an animated windsock add the final touch to this scenery.

Take place in an A319 and become a part of the Airbus factory traffic between Toulouse and Hamburg-Finkenwerder!


Complete coverage with buildings of the airport Finkenwerder (EDHI)
Airport orthophoto DOP15 – resolution of 15cm/pixel incl. variations for spring, summer, autumn, winter and night
3D approach lighting at Runway 05
3D modelled PAPI
3D jetty and ferry terminal incl. quay wall
Animated AI ship and ferry traffic
Static aircraft and objects
All parking positions based on recent map material
All taxiways with correct markings based on recent map material
Modelled under floor lighting for the edge lights
Animated windsocks in two variations (SODE and BGL controlled)
Dynamic lighting for P3D V4
Autogen incl. automatic seasons
100% compatible with FTX GEN
Configuration tool

Enjoy your starts and landings in EDHI Hamburg-Finkenwerder :)

Christian Bahr

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I fly with the P3Dv4..! No accident or OOM.! Also not with AS EDDH Pro, FTX GEN and EDHI and high graphics settings..!!

Christian Bahr

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Hello dear community!

Who would have thought that ...

There is very good information about the donation project Hamburg-Finkenwerder. After Aerosoft had agreed to take over the distribution of EDHI and forwarded the donations directly to the Kinderhospitz Baltasar, the airport Finkenwerder was sold 384 times until now. That makes an amount of 4000 EUR !!!

A commitment to a good idea pays off.