P3D v3 EDIT - Compile Error - SBX 315 & P3Dv3

After reading the manual and listening to the tutorial I am finally back on track with using SBX315 and P3Dv3.
However, during the compile to check the .TIF 'mask' I received this error during the compile:

[Source2] Type='TIFF'
[Source2] SourceDir = '.'
[Source2] SourceFile = 'NAPS Project'
[Source2] Layer = 'None'
[Source2] Samplingmethod = 'Gaussian'
[Source2] ULXMAP = -77806549
[Source2] ULYMAP = 38.066474
[Source2] XDIM = 0.000005
[Source2] YDIM = 0.000004

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning. E:\SBuilderX315\tools\NAPS PROJECT_B.TIF: wrong data type 13 for "SubIFD"; tag ignored.

The compiler finishes and produces the .bgl but without the mask tif incorporated.
I am and have been, using GIMP for my graphic program and it generates the mask layers and TIF.
But obviously not the .tif that the compiler wants.

Could someone provide me with insight? (Other than purchasing Paintshop Pro or Photoshop)

Thanks, respectfully,

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