Editing mesh bgl

Hi is there any method to edit the mesh of a bgl? I used bgldec, but I end with the BMP. Is there a tool or method to go ahead, so I can import it into qgis or global mapper?
Any explanation would be welcome. Thank you!

Hopefully, Sean Isom, author of BGLDec, plans in the future to further implement a way to make the Geo-referencing and Altitude (Lon,Lat,Alt / X,Y,Z) information for the currently available 256x256 pixel BMP tile size, raster-based MSFS terrain mesh BGLs available in additional GIS data file formats as was done by Patrick Germain with CVXExtractor. :wizard:

In the mean time, one would have to manually Geo-reference the currently available 256x256 pixel BMP tiles based on their (known and calculable) MSFS terrain grid quad / Area Point coordinates, then manually assign attributes for base and peak elevation Altitude using a specialized 3rd party GIS application such as VTBuilder.

Depending on what part of the world one's project area is located in, one may find it quicker and easier to either utilize existing terrain mesh BGL packages, or to create new terrain mesh BGLs from available GIS digital elevation source data via FS Terrain SDK Resample.

If one only needs to modify display of existing terrain mesh provided via default or custom BGLs, this can be done using a super-imposed, concurrently loaded, CVX vector format sloped flatten' BGL.

Alternatively, if one needs to create highly detailed terrain mesh data to modify smaller areas of terrain ex: less than 1 Kilometer x Kilometer at a time, this may be done in a 3D modeling application such as Sketchup, and the exported data can be imported to Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX"), Geo-referenced, then exported as a FSX CVX vector format 'sloped flatten' BGL.

Hope this helps provide a general conceptual overview of some available options ! :)

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