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I have some trouble with envmaps. The wiki manual shows the settings for Blender but what about the settings in FSX? I know that bue is top, dark bottom but I am stuck for the other faces. Anyone can help me ? Thank's!



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Hello... (sorry, about the multiple edits, was trying to figure out what you were asking along with what the wiki was trying to convey)...

The layout for a EnvMap (EM) within Blender is totally different then what is used in FSX and/ or P3D. The Blender Toolset doesn't know what to do with the EnvMap (EM) once it is placed, therefore, it might be best to not use it unless you have multiple files of the different layouts (1 for Blender (.psd) and another for FSX (.dds) through your graphics editor; Photoshop or GIMP - filenames the same - except for the filename extensions). The Toolset, upon saving to a model will (need to verify this) hold or save the EnvMap filename in the correct slot. Unfortunately, Blender's layout for a EnvMap isn't compatible to most, if not all, 3-D graphics games.

A possible option is to convert your model without the EnvMap slot filled, then add the proper EM filename within MCX. Hopefully someone will confirm if the EnvMap name is saved within the proper slot when converting within Blender. I don't think the Toolset has the means to convert the EnvMap correctly for FSX and/or P3D upon converting the model.

The Blender layout for an EnvMap (EM) is:
Blender (EM) layout.png

For FSX and/or P3D is:
FSX (EM) layout.png

I hope this helps,...
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