P3D v4 error message about direct draw

I click on the preview pane and click on expand. and I get this message. I have checked my direct draw... no errors there. Expand works fine in all other panes.


Hi J,
It is to do with low memory. What OS are you using?
You will probably find it happening if you have previously (or at the same time) have memory intensive progs open or having been used ie. CAD/graphics/painting progs etc. So your memory is low, this will cause the problem. Yes to an FSDS re-start, but the display prob will come back after a while if you do not close other progs first, and if you are going to be using FSDS a lot, a system re-start will clear/refresh the memory for you to use.

Wonderful. but I think my mem is ok but all this is very good info. The only difference is I have changed video cards.Maybe some changes in the new card might help. I use Win 10. Had no problem with Win 10. Expanded view does work ini the other panes... just not i preview pane anymore. I get that direct draw message. I checked my direct draw with dxdiag but found no problems. oh well. I'lll do some more checking about. Thanx for the info. Hope you are doing well during all this Covid mess. Bob