P3D v4 export in DAE format

I encounter a problem when exporting a model to the DAE format If the model includes "extrude" rendering is full.
here are two images the first export in DAE the second export in KMZ. In KMZ the rendering is correct

Export_DAE.jpg Export_kmz.jpg

thank you in advance
I think the material info has changed can you please provide some screenshots from the material editor?

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When exporting a 3D model from Sketchup, one must always configure [Options] allowed by a 3D file format. :pushpin:

Note that Collada *.DAE 3D export file format allows setting more options than *.KMZ. ;)



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What format was used to save the textures? Looks like an alpha channel is missing.
Thank you for your answers,

actually the options boxes were unchecked ... I had to do a bad manipulation ... :banghead:

2019-11-15 (3).png

problem solved thank you very much.