Export Problem SSDD

Paul Domingue

Resource contributor
Hello all,

I was out of the game for a while because I didn't have a working copy of Max. My Max 2015 Academic expired. I was able reactivate my academic license with Max 2018, happy days are here again or so I thought.
Before 2015 expired I posted a problem about animations no working in the sim on export then when it expired I wasn't able to pursue it any further. The first thing I did with my new activation was to try an export and wouldn't you know it I still have the same problem.
I have gone through the entire process over and over again and still no animations.
Max 2018 linked to the latest version of Prepar3D v4 SDK and I use the latest version of the SIM.
On export I have checked both the X and xanim files for errors and there are non that I can see.
I can find no errors in the modeldef.xml.
To avoid any batch file errors I hand typed the commands to XtoMDL.exe with a dump to a build log. The build log shows that all animations were processed correctly without error.
When I added the new MDL files to the aircraft folder and ran the sim I get the aircraft with all animations at 0 frame positions, rudder left, gear up, etc. but no animations.
Something is happening on the compilation and I don't know what.
Would anyone with P3D v4 be willing to compile my X and xanim files and test it on their system? Maybe then I can narrow it down to something I am missing. I'd rather be embarrassed about something stupid I did then continue without progress.