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Extra for Microsoft Flight Preview Movie

Hi folks,
It has been a busy month at the FS Tester Hangar. Below is a link to a short movie showing the next aircraft that I plan to role out into the Microsoft Flight world: The Extra 300s.

There is still a lot of work to be done before the aircraft becomes available: I need to create the checklists and sounds, as well as refine textures and the aerodynamics, among other things.

I did not spend a lot of time creating the movie - it's just a few saved video files linked together, but gives you an idea of what the Extra will be like when released.

Updated 02/23/2017: I've removed the preview movie, as Beta v1 of this aircraft is now available - see further down in this thread for the link!

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EXTRA Extra 300S Beta v1 for MS Flight Released!

Hi folks,
I'm pleased to announce the availability of the EXTRA Flugzeugproduktions- und Vertriebs- GmbH Extra 300S for Microsoft Flight (Beta v1) addon. This is a free download. The aircraft is a conversion of the default Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Extra 300S.

This addon consists of:
  • Interior and exterior models of the Extra 300S aircraft.
  • Five liveries (textures) that have been converted from FSX (Flight Instruction, Blue & White, Patty Wagstaff, Red Bull and White), plus three new liveries: Blue & Black, Midnight Black and Red Stripes.
  • In order to install this addon, you must have previously installed the latest Flight Toolkit, available from http://flighttoolkit.com. At the time of this Beta1 release (February 2017), it is version 1.1.31.
    This application is required in order to allow Microsoft Flight to recognize and run 3rd-party addons.
Aircraft Installation:
Download location:
Updated June 15 2017: The RTW version of the Extra 300S is now available in the Flight Toolkit Addon Manager.

The readme file that will be displayed when you install the aircraft using the Addon Manager program included in the Flight Toolkit provides detailed information on some of the features in this aircraft:
  • Mouse-enabled XML Gauges. Unlike my previous aircraft (Beech Baron 58 and Aircreation 582SL Trike Ultralight), the converted FSX XML gauges can now be operated using your mouse.
  • Two aircraft configurations: One for normal and one for aerobatic flight.
  • Improved functionality for the G-Meter (max/min needles and working reset button); a dual-tone stall-warning horn, and two types of smoke system.
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As usual; this aircraft came with more options than expected. Mouse-enabled Gauges? That's too much. Thank you for this hard work. May I share this on the AVSIM Flight forum? Thanks again.

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Thanks Oscar. I wasn't sure where I should put the addon file so I just chose the DLC folder. Used the manager to select it and now it shows up as installed and works fine in Flight. Noticed a couple of transparent long boxes off to the left and suppose that's why it's still beta. They're pretty obvious but it made me wonder if I should notify someone about this or any other anomalies I see. Some of the other files you have look interesting and I intend to check them out soon.
Jim F.
Hi jfrench:

You don't have to put the addon in any specific place. Could be anywhere. ( I usually put it in the desktop ) You have to double click on it and the addon manager will open and open also the "Readme" document. Click on Accept button. Enable it on the addon manager and that's it.
Noticed a couple of transparent long boxes off to the left and suppose that's why it's still beta.
That's only part of the canopy. If you open the canopy you'll notice how it moves. The 300S model of FSX have it also. I'm glad you have your 300S working.

Hi Folks. Sorry about that. I'd actually updated the Extra to RTW status (& so removed the beta), but Stonelance has not had the time yet to add it to his Flight Toolkit Addon Manager.

Updated June 15 2017: The RTW version of the Extra 300S is now available in the Flight Toolkit Addon Manager

I think what jfrench is seeing w.r.t. the "transparent long boxes" are representations of small "windows' within the canopy of the Extra, but without a picture of what jfrench is seeing I can't say for sure.

I've also updated the Aircreation to (hopefully) fix a bug where both FSX & Flight pilots were visible to people who were looking at another persons Aircreation while flying in multiplayer mode (more details are in my post of March 30th in this thread: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/aircreation-582sl-trike-ultralight-for-ms-flight.438794/ )
The link to the v2 test is: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnlX-fSOb3OagXtJisNUtKMTbysu

FYI, if folks have questions or think they have found a bug in one of my aircraft, just post to the aircraft's thread on this forum (or create a new thread) - I usually check out the forum every week or so, usually on a Thursday when I'm in town & so have access to the Internet (I have no access at home).

FS Tester
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