FSX:SE Feelthere planes and simconnect

Hi people,

Im in WAR with Feelthere/Wilco planes and simconnect... my current war is "Legacy 600". Im already install "all simconnects" present on FSX-SE SDK folder, and the airplane log say to me:

Simconnect is broken
FlightLoaded hr = 80004005
FlightSaved hr = 80004005
Paused hr = 80004005
Sim hr = 80004005
Sound hr = 80004005
SimConnect_CallDispatch hr = 80004005

What happens?
This isn't a support website... might want to reach out to Feelthere.
I know this not a support website, but have good people with deep knowledge about FSX... Feelthere is a bad developer and reach out these people is always a bad experience.


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Ed is only trying to do his part to make your experience at Feelthere better than it is here. The statement that "Simconnect is broken," does not constitute a general alert about your SImconnect module, it is a statement that the software component that records flight hours and other data through Simconnect is no longer updating. Considering it is highly unlikely you've accumulated over 80 million hours in the Legacy 600, it is probably a field out of range type error and resetting the number of hours will likely clear it. A simple text search of scannable formats within the Feelthere directories of any of the terms above, "FlightLoaded hr = 80004005," or perhaps just the numeric value, "80004005," for example, will likely return the file that you can manually edit.

The log im only put for reference, the main trouble is: any instruments shows... like gauge not exist, but all exist on the folder.
Other feelthere Embraer have same trouble, but after install 3 simconnect "legacy packs from SDK" turn OK, only the Legacy 600 is in trouble... im reinstall the Wilco Legacy 3 times and nothing
And yet... this still looks like a commercial product support issue... which these forums are not for.
Here we don't know if the error is a copy protection scheme that's been triggered. This is not the Feelthere support forum.
Can only say that this HRESULT expresses E_FAIL on all instances but why this is, one can only speculate without code. So Feelthere is definitely your best bet.

All the best, Benny
I am sorry to interfere in this discussion, but I have to say à word about FeelThere because I worked for them in the past. You have to understand FeelThere is a development team that sells its work to Wilco, which is the distributor. When you buy this Legacy product, you give money to Wilco, not to FeelThere, and according to the contract between these companies, Wilco is in charge of the support. If Wilco does not have the necessary knowledge, they are supposed to turn to FeelThere developers to get an answer.
In other words, Wilco is to blame here if the support is too weak, not FeelThere, even if a FeelThere developer did something bad in the code...

I know this will not help you solving your problem, sorry for this, but I had to say what the truth is.