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FSX File Naming Convention with SplitFileLOD?

I'm doing a largish 1m photoreal with a single .inf using SplitFileLOD=9 to keep the .bgls from going over 2Gb. It works great, but there are 27 .bgls so far with filenames like this:


I use DestBaseFileName="valles_photo_1m_" in the .inf and SplitFileLOD appends the numbers, but for the life of me I can't figure out how they relate to any particular LOD9 cell or geographic location. Does anyone know? I'd like to be able to isolate a particular .bgl because it takes 3 hrs to resample this whole mess. I've got a couple .tifs I've changed and if I knew which .bgl is which I think I could make a cut-down .inf and only resample the .bgls affected by the changes in the .tifs. I can open them one by one in TMFViewer of course and by process of elimination (nope, that ain't it, that ain't it either... :) ) figure it out, but there must be some logic behind the numbers?



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Hi Jim,

It's the same naming convention as used for AGN files, except that these so down to another LOD level. So these numbers define the LOD tile of your scenery.
Thanks Arno, I thought they looked suspiciously like .agn filenames. TBH I never understood those either, lol. I get it now, QMID11 cell 313,305 becomes 03130305 in the .bgl filename. I should have caught that but I missed it completely! :oops:

That was slick, I just changed BoundingCell=7,19,19 in my .inf to BoundingCell=11,313,305 and it pooped out a new valles_photo_1m_03130305.bgl with the .tif modifications in about 5 minutes flat! I didn't remove any superfluous sources or anything, resample just ignored the ones outside the BoundingCell. Perfect!

Thanks again!