P3D v4 Flatten or not?

I release the CYYY airport scenery build with FSX SDK. It well displays on FSX. But not in P3Dv4.


Look the scenery in this screen send to me by a P3D pilot. You see the taxis and the end of the main runway (at left of the Maule's left wing). The scenery have a Flatten Exclude Autogen that covers all this runway.

I dont have P3D installed and dont plan for install it. What I have to do to make the scenery P3Dv4 compatible with FSX SDK?


Oups... I duplicate the thread in the wright place : Airport Desing Editor.
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jpfil- Ask your user in P3d4 if he has Obix installed. If so 1. he has to disable vectors for this to work. If he does not have vectors then 2. nothing you can do about it.

AFAIK, OrbX Global Base scenery likely loads local CVX vector objects even if one does not also have the separate OrbX Global Vector scenery add-on installed.

IIUC, one can- and must- always find, then exclude ...default and/or 3rd party CVX vector objects, prior to replacing them with ones own custom CVX vector object scenery content. :pushpin:

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Yes- If one can find any cvx involved in this particular area. If any cvx is there wouldn't that be from Orbx? And when one installs Orbx doesn't Orbx overwrite a number of default files and NOT back them up? ergo- they are lost. Orbx doesn't want yo to go back to default FSX or P3d. Make more money that way.
But yes one would have to find cvx's if any and exclude them.
I have had this problem with a friend who has Orbx, and he does not have vectors installed. Even so, I could make his requested changes on my machine an d send them to him - he would install and we would see NO change on his machine.