P3D v3 Floating autogen

Just wanted to throw this out here... Anyone who creates autogen have you noticed every now and then your buildings are floating above the ground a few feet when you load a flight? I get that. I can remedy by adjusting the density slider and reload but I fear it is me and my methods and not P3D in general.
Some 'humorists' may suggest that such occurrences increase the "look-alike" factor if compared to FTX scenery. :D

But, IMHO, it would be a good idea to identify when / where / how / why ...it happens. :)

I don't think it's anything we do -- I've had one area in my current project, which includes a 5 metre mesh, where the houses are often floating. However turning off the scenery/mesh, the landclass scenery (not default, as there are no houses there in the default) also has floating houses in the same place. So it could be more to do with the location rather than the scenery.

I think of it as a 'gravitational anomaly', so I searched for any P3D files called 'GA', and removed them. Now I've discovered that without these gravitational anomalies, no small aircraft can fly! :D


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Hi guys,

this issue has been around since FSX was first released (and P3D as well), it just becomes more common/obvious when using detailed landclass add-ons with dense urban or suburban autogen.

If you slew quickly across a (mountainous) landscape you can see how the building autogen in the distance gets loaded in blocks/batches and then, occasionally, one block spawns much higher than it should be. I don't really know what specifically triggers those incorrect data points but suspect it has to do with the sim reading the various LODs of the terrain data. I've noticed that the likelihood of floating houses seems higher with terrain-mesh add-ons installed, which points to perhaps occasional confusion between loading different terrain file sets for the same location. Still, even mesh files generated from different sources wouldn't normally have elevation differences that would cause a batch of buildings to get spawned a couple hundred feet above the surface so something else must be at play as well. Perhaps an occasional hiccup in data interpolation along QMID cell boundaries?

One can usually return the floating buildings back to the ground during a flight. Either select World > Scenery Library and then click on "OK" or assign a key combination to the "Refresh scenery" event in the Options > Settings > Controls menu (Buttons/Keys tab); I use Ctrl-Shift-S but any unassigned combination will work. Of course, if one continues flying or slewing at high speed then it won't be long until the next block pops up...

FYI, one item of the list of "Fixes and Improvements" in P3D v3.2 reads
  • Reduced cases of autogen buildings floating above ground
but I haven't read any specific comments whether that is, in fact, the case. Assuming that Clutch Cargo is using v3.2 or higher then, I suppose, it hasn't been fully eliminated yet. Then again, he writes of "a few feet" and "when loading a flight" so perhaps, it's not the same issue as those blocks of houses high up in the air.

Cheers, Holger
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Well, glad it's just not me, whew.... Yea, sounds like I am have all the signs to trigger it. 10m custom mesh, dense autogen, hilly areas and a lot of slewing. I like the tip on scenery refresh and the like. THx.