P3D v4 Floating Autogen


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I have installed my custom scenery for P3D v4, but the autogen is floating above the ground in some areas.
I have added mesh terrain and vector scenery.

There is a road between the city vector polygon and the sea, that road is causing the floating autogen issue.

Is it a P3d bug?

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola


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Could you have any missing textures? Like the building texture or night texture?


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If I remove the road, the autogen is on the ground.
The road is a vector road cvx generated with the terrain sdk. This road flattens the ground below it and creates a slope.

The autogen is generated by the Simulator beacause it is a vector polygon of type City.

There are no missing textures. I have removed the bgl files one by one until found out the the bgl that contains the vector road causes this issue.

I'm using a LOD10 mesh terrain.

The mesh terrain on that area has 78 Meters above the sea level and it is very close to the sea, 400 meters aprox.

I have found when I see floating autogen if I change the density setting and go back they will all land back on the ground. Then I set it again to what setting I had before. I am thinking it is a FS bug not a developers bug?