FSB Audio

You can easily add your own music to Flight by rebuilding the FSB files using a special method which I discovered. If you are interested, I could release a tutorial on it... :)

The newest FMOD designer doesn't work with rebuilding FSB's. Voice recordings are held in the .OGG format so cannot be opened.
Just been getting my head around the sound files for the aircraft themselves, i.e. internal and external aircraft sounds :) Steve do you know if the move to FSB's helped performance? I'm guessing because the audio is now MP3 based that it should reduce the audio performance cost compared to WAV whilst offering some quality improvements.
I have no idea. I don't see how MP3 helps performance or quality over WAV though. WAV is uncompressed, and MP3 is a lossy compression that requires CPU cycles to decompress. I guess it really depends on which is your bigger bottleneck, CPU or disk IO. The majority of the decisions to use middleware were because it was faster and cheaper than trying to do it ourselves. The team that developed Flight was less than a third of the size of the FSX team, so we had to take advantage of the experience and support of middleware to be able to focus on the Flight specific featureset.

Kavinda, is there no older version of the FMOD designer that works. I thought when I first started working on the toolkit they had a version for download that was similar to the Flight version, but I never got a chance to try it out.
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I was thinking the same thing. I remember back in FS2002-2004 how a few of us tried compressing the FS drive/folders and found performance gains in some areas but reduction in performance in other areas. It does all come down to what is the biggest bottleneck.
I've got a version that works - somehow... I've tested it and managed to get the Menu music from the beta version of Flight to work with the current version + custom .MP3 music.