FSDS 3 preview screen problem.

I recently installed FSDS_3 on a newer computer with Windows XP, I am having a problem with FSDS showing the complete (all parts) of a project. The problem is that in the preview screen in FSDS_3 (upper right corner) will not show all the parts of the object that is currently being displayed. As you zoom in and out or rotate some of the object parts will disappear while other parts remain visible. When you zoom out parts disappear. The new variables, with the new hardware that I can think of are: 1) WinXP service pack three (older one only had service pack two). 2) Newer graphics card with newer drivers. (DirectX is the same 9c).

Has anybody else had this problem or any insights in to the problem?

From time to time the end of a corner of a building disappears in 3D view but I dont know why.
Thanks for your input, interesting. I am losing 50% sometimes 90% of parts of objects, and detailed buildings. As I rotate or zoom in and out parts just pop into view and pop out. Makes it hard for designing.
I like your suggestions and leads, thanks. I guess my points of views are default FSDS3 (top-back-right). Is there something I should be changing here, and how? Is there an adjustment some where to test?
I just did a test: if I put the point of view of a building (25 feet X 35 feet) right in the center, I see it completely in the 3D window. If I move the viewpoint 50 feet from the center on the X axis, I partially or totally lose the building in 3D view!
Thanks for all your feedback, this is how you troubleshoot.
I am testing and tinkering with your off center viewpoint. No difference yet.
I am suspecting, possibly, a directX issue.
The screen shot normally has a complete hanger with roof and other stuff.


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Follow up:

I realize now that when I dug through some old CD disks of folders with scenery objects, I was picking out mostly the ones that where modeled in FSDS 2.24, and not realizing this. Though they open in FSDS 3 and will export a good .X file, there are problems with the 3D view screen for some reason. I have recently made new detailed scenery objects with no 3D view problems.

Thanks for the input.