FSDS 748 tyres

gear748_T.bmp is the texture file that you should look for. It should be (with a gear748_L) in the texture folder.

Thanks Greg! I've been using the FSDS 748 for a massive AI project covering the late 60's and early 70's. I made a separate copy of the FSDS 748 folder for each airline (why? - see below) but what I DIDN'T do was copy the "texture" folder into each one, only the texture folder for the airline. Hence my white tyres! Which are now fixed.
Most UK airlines for the period I am replicating (Autair, Channel, Dan Air) used the aircraft registration as a callsign rather than the flight number. By replacing the "BRITISHAEROSPACE" with the airline name in "atc_type=" (added to "manufacturers" with EVP) I can have the registration preceded by the airline name, hence the need for a separate FSDS748 folder for each airline. Have also done the same for BEA, so I hear "Bealine + reg" as a callsign rather than, say, "Vickers + reg" for my BEA Viscounts and Vanguards, at least up until 1969 when they switched to flight numbers. Lot of work involved but it does sound more authentic!