FSXA FSDS mdl creation warning!

When I create a scenery object I am working on I get the following warning message at the end of the results table after the mdl file is created ;

OutputFile: _temp.MDL
Output file after modification: _temp.MDL
Creating output MDL file: _temp.MDL
CRASHTREE no granularity specified
CRASHTREE completed in 00:00:01.0296018
warning : Index buffer exceeds maximum size.

After passing it through modelconverterx and exporting it appears as normal in FSX after being placed.
I was wondering why this is being reported and is it anything to worry about. Any comments appreciated.
I had this warning when building the Empress of Ireland (26 000 vertices). This may be the FSDS buffer, I dont know, but had no impact for my creation.
I did too. Evidently some size limit but haven't figured it out yet. Mine compiled also no problem. Guess I will wait until it blows up my computer. Bob