Fsuipc 4.81?

I have FSUIPC 4.81 (unregistered), FSX is running, but ObPlacer_XML shows the connection as failed.

I opened FSX with a flight BEFORE opening ObPlacer_XML.

What should I check?
Is this object placer xml the same object placer the sdk gives you and has mission development.

If so, you need to install SP1A to create missions on some OP systems. they made that version just for mission development.

But be careful beause you lose SP2 or acceleration. i have not made a mission in years and don't use SP1A anymore.

There is detailed info out there why SP1A exists!

If this object placer is another program, it might need a directory to the FSUIPC. Since FSX creates a new folder when you install FSUIPC.
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@delivery guy:

Thanks for your reply, but...

I'm talking about ObPlacer_XML, the subject of this sub-forum, a program by Arno Gerritsen.

I'm not talking about the Object_Placer.dll from the SDK.


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To be honest I never tried ObPlacer XML together with FSX. The tool does not support FSX MDL files, it can only place FS2004 MDL files.

I would assume that it would work with a newer version of FSUIPC as well, unless something has changed in the way applications need to register with FSUIPC.
I figured it was not the one from here (Arno's) since you are talking about FSX. So this means you need the FSX SDK. This makes it really easy to place objects.


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For FSX I would use WhisPlacer. The placement tool from the SDK is not really user friendly in my opinion.