FSW - ( PBR ) Custom Wet Surface's WIP


....just to demonstrate early development of ( PBR ) Custom Wet Surface effects in FSW -


....Still very early days, but gives you an idea at least LOL !!


Pete Beeby.
....thanks Guy's !
Just to be clear, what is being demonstrated is not able to be applied to FSW default airfields / airports, hence the subject title FSW - ( PBR ) Custom Wet Surface's.

The Custom made Runway and Taxiways featured, are made as FSW Specification Ground Polygons and allow the use of PBR materials to be applied to them. If you would like me to go more into the specifics of this then please let me know.

I haven't yet looked to see if the effect can be ' triggered ' ( Visibility Conditions Coded by the Sim ) by precipitation being present at the User Airfield, in my previous version of the effect for FSX, this was handled by the fabulous SODE utility ( Sim Object Display Engine by Jeffrey Stahli )

A few more for you -



......one thing worth mentioning, is that in the Screenshots, the previously created surface materials for FSX, ie the Concrete Taxiway and Asphalt Runway Textures, are not PBR Materials. It is envisaged that if those Surface materials were indeed FSW specification PBR materials, the overall look of the ' Wet Surface Effect ' should be out of this world. ( I may find the time to try it and show you what I mean LOL !!! )

Hi Pete,

Great screenshots. It would be great if you could explain in details.

Thanks for your Interest MANOCHVARMA RAMAN,

So, to give you some idea of the workflow to achieve the ' Wet Surface Effects ' being demonstrated here, take a look below -


You will need an Albedo texture ( Diffuse Colour ) with an Alpha Channel saved in DDS DXT5 format. An Asphalt Texture works well for this purpose.
You will also need to have created a PBR Combined Texture. Use the Albedo Texture to create the required texture maps for this purpose. Follow the FSW SDK instructions here -


As there are many ways in which you can create a Combined Texture Map, as it depends on what Art Authoring Package you have, I will not go into too much detail on this.
For example, I use Substance Designer to Create the ' Combined Texture ' and it is done within a few mouse clicks.
When Created, save the 'Combined Texture ' texture map in TGA format.

Process it using the tools available here in the SDK - Use FSW DDS (DXT1c)


You will then need a ' Bump ' texture map or Normal map to be precise. This is NOT created from the original Albedo texture, but a suitable ' Water ' Bump Map Texture for this purpose.
The way in which this texture is created is exactly the same as per for FSX.

Hope you find this information useful,


Pete Beeby.
This looks beautiful and you say this could look better with FSW PBR parameters... Just WOW!!!

Hope to see soon those effects on the default runways, that would be a few steps on the right direction.
.......here, still under very early testing I might add, ' Wet Look ' generic asphalt texturing, developed using the FSW PBR materials workflow.



Pete Beeby
It would be so awesome of LM would buy FSW. Get it over it and give us eye candy + functionality.

hey, I'm an optimist.

These shots look incredible...your work in fsx and the lakenheath scenery stood out from what anyone else has produced....looks like fsw has a platform for you to improve upon what you'd already accomplished.

hope you get the interest this work deserves...please carry on.

presently I'm experimenting with reshade after seeing your shots...inspirational.


..............well, this was as far as I got developing for FSW PBR Custom Wet Surface's.


....Worth noting, for those of you who might still be interested in using FSW, I am now able to bring to you Wet Surface Effects to your Default* FSW Runways / Taxiway's and Parking area's.

If you are already using enhanced textures from packages such as REX Texture Direct for the Default* FSW Runways etc, then the effects will look even better and indeed this is recommended over using the native FSW textures.



Just another reason to keep flying in your FSW Chosen Environment, you will love it even more LOL !!!!​


Pete Beeby.
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