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FSX - AI Tail Dragger taxi turning circle to wide

Hi, all

I made some AI traffic with one of my planes, a tail dragger, and the turning circle is way too wide. Tried changing the tail wheel angle, rudder effectiveness, rudder maximum angle, no big change.

Than I tried the Maule, which is a Microsoft-native aircraft, SAME THING. I tried a few other tail draggers, and they all do the same thing: taxiing through buildings, on the grass, etc. every time there is a turn on the ground.

Otherwise the traffic works fine: takes off, arrives, all else is well.

Any one has any ideas how to fix this?




My Sea King AI helicopter has the same problem,turning circle way to wide.
I have used ModelConvertor X and change the position of the tail wheel forward,now the Sea king have a nice turning circle.
I moved the contact point for the tail wheel forwards,in ModelConvertor X you can seen what you are doing.
Maybe you need bring the tail a little up or down so the tail wheel is on the ground.
The tail wheel stay on the same position,only the contact point is moving forwards.

Maybe this is a idea for you to.

Hi, Jan.

I tried and it... worked! It isn't perfect, but it is MUCH improved and I'll use it like this. Very much acceptable. It took a little time re-setting the height, but that was trivial. Thanks! Problem [almost] solved! Fern