FSX/CD/A/SE Version check

Again, with the installer ;)

Is it possible to programatically obtain the version of the FSX installed, and thus obtain the Service Pack level? My add-on runs only with SP2 level, and I need to warn the user to upgrade their FSX SP level before proceeding.

For example:

FSX CD (out of the box): v10.0.60905
FSX SP1: v10.0.61355.0
FSX SP2: v10.0.61472.0

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Given that you know the detailed version numbers already, is it not just a matter of checking in the EXE file what the version number of the EXE is? That should be easy to do in code (I use that in my tools to see which P3D v4 is installed, since the registry doesn't tell you).
Thanks Arno!

The version numbers I have are from the Window's Control Panel/Programs And Features.

I guess I didn't ask the question correctly - I am using InstallShield, and the only programatic avenue I have is their own InstallScript language which is quite comprehensive, but I couldn't find anything that would let me extract file version from an exe. I was wondering if there are any shell commands that would extract version info from the file (I have shell command interface within InstallScript).

Then I searched a bit more into depth and found that there is indeed an Installscript call that is supposed to do just that (their help search engine is awful, only searches for specific function names, so I would have to know the function name beforehand to find out what it does)