FSX Conversion scenery errors

There are some known issues with LC that used the TerrainCoverage entries in FSX. Not sure if this is one of them or not.

There is a fundamental problem where sometimes in conversion I want to use Flight assets, and sometimes I want to use FSX assets. There is no way for me to know in the converter unless we just figure out a hardcoded mapping for every single LC. My guess is that a bunch of these problems would go away if we fix the autogen groupings in Flight.


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Hi Steve.

I'm wondering if I should work out a hardcoded solution we could use for the landclasses. Of course it might take me until Christmas. :laughing:

Yeah, feel free. I still need to redo the TerrainCoverage handling, but I think it requires me creating a bunch of new VULCNs. I'm thinking about using the 800 range, but from the test I ran, it looks like I might need more than 100. I think once I do that, all class remapping should match FSX, except in some places where I decided Flight is better. The biggest need is probably figuring out the correct AutogenDescriptions to use.