Hi Everyone,

My simulator suddenly started to give me this message:

"Flight simulator requites at least one each of the following to run: an airport, a VOR, an NDB, and a waypoint. There is currently no airports in the dataset. Flight simulator will now exit."

The only thing to do is to abort.
I have FSX on a differant computer, is there a file I could replace to fix the problem?

Any help appreciated
use event viewer
run, type eventvwr
it will tell what file caused the error if windows recorded it.
this may not work though

btw nice plane. what are of washington? got friend in seattle area
Evidently windows didn't record it this time. :(
I couldn't find any events that failed.

I'm from the north east side of the state (Spokane area). The plane is a 182 - picture taken at reds horse ranch in Oregon.
Almost sounds as if your scenery.cfg has gone AWOL and therefore you have no scenery. On Win7 that would be located in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX" so you might check to see if it's there and if so, drag it into an open Notepad window and see if there's actually anything in it. Do you still have a "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery" folder full of roughly 15 Gb of files & folders, BTW? I've accidentally moved folders into other folders using the dumb-thumb method on more than one occasion, it's easy to do, is there a chance your Scenery folder got dumb-thumbed into another folder somehow?

Incidentally when I was a young kid back in the mid 70s my grandparents lived in Collville, WA. They owned theaters, two in Collville, one in Chewelah, and another in Metaline Falls. I spent most of my summer vacations there mowing and cleaning the theaters. They also owned a cabin on Waitts lake so I got pretty familiar with the Chewelah area. Nice area and some great memories.

The scenery.cfg file is still there with information in it...
The scenery folder has about 11.6 GB in it...
Going to try the repair option with the FSX disk see if that works.

Jim, good to hear from someone who knows the area! Doesn't usually happen when you ask for random help online!
Well, Got her working again after uninstalling and re-installing.
Now I have to re-install my SDK. :(

Thanks for your Help,