FSX fsx kml question

I'm not too familiar with posting on sites, and I hope I am in the correct place. I just downloaded FSX KML and I went to the build tab to set the correct paths as instructed and they won't change. Has anyone run into that problem?

Thanks for reading. :confused:
I think that have to do with the edition of the config file (or ini file) which is located in the windows directory, I say all this but I can't remember very well what the process was. to work with Fsx kml you have to download the aplication "PreFsxKml", here in Fsdeveloper too, this is to correct the vertices of the kml files downloaded from Google earth.
That was it.

Thank you very much Tejal. I went to the windows directory, found the file FSX_KML.ini and edited it using notepad. Everything was in place when I ran the program. Now I will go look for PreFsxKML and install it.

I'm glad you remembered.

Frank :D
I was not too sure about the issue :D, many things to remember. FsxKml is a easy and nice tool, good for landclass, flatten and make freeway traffic, but a little tricky ,you have to get the hang above all if you want to make island and such. great you solve the issue. :cool: