FSX KML Tutorial/Samples

I think there is no tool wich can automatically cover the Google Earth costlines.
I draw them in GE and use this polygon as hole for FSXKML.
When you open GE and activate the layer wich shows the borders and names there is a tag "coastlines" (or similar, I have not the english version).
This polylines are only shown in a altitude over 300 meters.
If there was an solution to export this polygones for islands it would be a great solution to spare much time in drawing them manually. But I think they are not exact enought to get detailed coastlines.
Yes... only one sample at the moment.

:wizard: Carlos Maida has posted an island example (including KML and BGL files)

Here are some other threads on islands...


Basically you need to create 3 polygons (and in this order)

  1. Polygon to exclude the existing water (tag with Exclude_Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)
  2. Polygon to place the water back in (tag with Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial)
  3. Polygon in shape of island to cut a hole in the water from step 2 (tag with Polygonhole)
Hello guys, I followed your directions but still escapes me something.
The first polygon has the coordinates of 4 quadrants QMID11 to exclude the Hydro to deafult. So the island appears. When I change the 2 coordinates of the first polygon to the same island disappears.

Resolved the issue.
at 3) (tag with Polygonhole) remember to go Vertices then edit and then reverse the order of all vertices.


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