FSX:SE FSX SBuilderX314

Hi Yamo:

IIUC, this is DAAK:



It is preferable to use the "Polygon" Tool in SBuilderX version 3.15 ...rather than version 3.14. ;)

First create a CVX vector Exclude Polygon for the default FSX Airport Background (aka "Boundary") Polygon:

Type 10 = Exclude_All_Airport_Boundaries

Then, create the 'replacement' FSX Airport Background (aka "Boundary") Polygon:

Type 148 = AB_Flatten_MaskClassMap_Exclude_AutoGen

Note that all DAAK navigable airport surfaces must be flat and level for AI / ground vehicle traffic to work.

FYI: SRTM v3+ 30 Meter / 1-Arc Second terrain source data viewed in a GIS application shows the RWY axis altitude AMSL ranges between 215 Feet (NE) to 355 Feet (SW).

Assign Altitudes to AB polygon vertices to make a 'sloped' flatten to blend into surrounding terrain mesh.

PS: Are you using / recommending FreeMeshX (freeware) 30 Meter / 1-Arc Second terrain mesh BGLs ? :scratchch

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