FSXME official support?

I'm a paid up customer of FSX mission editor; is there any way to get support from the developer? I see no one is able to answer the questions i'm posing on this site and I doubt there are any better forums, so I getting a bit stuck with my project.

Its a bit frustrating. I wrote and sell a music teaching program called TabTrax and i always support my customers, paid and unpaid, 24/7. I like FSXME a lot, and it seems to be a very powerful tool, but without any support, its really hard to figure it all out.


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When you get no answer in this forum, probably nobody has got an idea or uses the FSX mission editor. I guess you already tried to search the forum for answers? There are not many but some threads about the mission editor at fsdveloper.
The support page of fsmissioneditor.com only says "File not found".
Perhaps try to send an email to: info@fsmissioneditor.com or webmaster@fsmissioneditor.com
thanks, sorry i sounded frustrated, but as you can see from my other posts, i've started a get to grips with FSXME now

hopefully my tutorial series on youtube will help others too

if Jim Keir or any of the FSXME developers is open to new ideas, or needs a c++/MFC experienced programmer to help out, let me know, i have a few ideas for improvement and willing to help.

Hi Steve:

Even before the recent restructuring of the FS_Addon websites (for the IIRC, 2nd or 3rd time) one has to consider the history of Jim Keir's genuinely brilliant, yet equally unique freeware or payware product creation, and support communication availability patterns.


When FSX_ME first was released and "supported" on an earlier FS-Addon website support forum, Jim Keir was often busy elsewhere, and had to be 'tracked down' by Francois to offer clarifications and/or support via the designated support forum on the (then) FS-Addon website.

I believe Jim does genuinely care about his (IMHO exceptionally innovative and valuable) FS utility packages and those who use them, but I suspect that he is unable / unwilling to provide "consistent" support via a website of a publisher / re-seller website or forum.

Thus, based on past history, such support communication is rather more likely to be achieved only if Jim is contacted via e-mail (and only then if he isn't already overwhelmingly busy with his variable-duration employment software programming projects and traveling).

Try contacting Kim Keir via his original website:


For more information on FSX Mission Editor (aka "FSX_ME"):


AFAIK, the only other payware alternative to FSX_ME or coding Missions from scratch via the FS SDK ...is:

Instant Mission Maker by Konstantin Kukushkin ...sold via Flight1


Hope this helps ! :)

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thanks, i'm feeling pretty confident with FSXME now i've been using it for a couple of weeks. there's still a lot of features i haven't figured yet, like race timing and scoring, but i'll get there now i understand the concept. hopefully my videos on youtube will make it a lot easier for some one else picking it up for the first time
Actually, I leared mission building the old fashioned way - by using the Object Placement Tool in the FSX SDK. To say it is not a user friendly graphical interface is an understatement. o_O

Still, like writing computer code line by line, it does give you a basic understanding of how things work "under the hood"…rather "under the bonnet" for your area of the world (I lived in Brampton CAMBS for 3 years) :D

I still use OPT when placing waypoints for AI Vehicles and aircraft and placing scenery objects. It is also good for actually seeing the areas you are using for proxy triggers - especially if they are tied to an object. Also, while I can't swear to it, there seems to be certain actions and conditions (for conditional triggers) that don't show up in the FSXME menus.

I would agree that the user's manual that comes with FSXME is fairly basic. However, between that manual and Mission Editor section of the FSX DDK Help/Info application I can usually find answers to my questions.
thanks, FSXME isn't bad once you get the concept, it just looks pretty overwhelming at first and looking at mission examples in the SDK almost makes it worse, for a beginner anyhow.

i've never loaded OPT, i use ADE for placing static objects, but that lacks the feature to show you the underlying terrain (that i know of) so placing requires a lot of diddling around.

my flag is UK because that's where i'm from but i live in Thailand, so i guess i should put a Thai flag up there
OPT is clunky - but fairly powerful wth the ability to build missions or build scenery to add to FSX. I primarily use ADE or SBuilderX for major scenery placement (buildings, static planes, etc) and OPT for small stuff (bagage, ladders, barrels, etc.). Also with OPT and FSXME running at the same time, FSXME will detect saved changes made in OPT and will give you an option to update the FSXME screen. You can also grab coordinates in FSXME while OPT is running. I often have both running at the same time and switch back & forth to which ever tool is best for a given function.

And I'd keep the Union Jack. :)
i like ADE for placing stuff but you have to exit FSX to save your work. i like that in FSXME i can edit and save without exiting FSX, then in FSX, Esc and refly and i'm back in the air, turn around time under 2 minutes, faster than South West
LOL - I was trying to compile a scenery model library with FSX running but "iconized" down to the bottom bar - so I didn't notice it was running. I couldn't figure out why the compile wasn't working. I finally had my "Doah!" moment.

Any app that produces .bgl files to an FSX scenery area cannot compile when FSX is running - FSX has "ownership" of those files since it reads the Scenery Library configuration file at start up and won't accept changes unless via the FSX Scenery Library interface. Technically I think you could delete the scenery area from FSX and it would allow you to compile - then readd the scenery area. It's easier to just shut down FSX. In fact a couple of my apps have an FSX start option built in. One less step. :)

The mission files are .xml and are only read when the mission is selected - which, as you say, makes modifications a breeze. You can do the same with aircraft repaints as long as you exit Aircraft selection, and I usually shift to another aircraft before I exit - not sure if that is neccessary.
...i use ADE for placing static objects, but that lacks the feature to show you the underlying terrain (that i know of) so placing requires a lot of diddling around... my flag is UK because that's where i'm from but i live in Thailand, so i guess i should put a Thai flag up there
Sorry to add this note so late in the day but I've only just come across and gone down this thread.

As far as ADE is concerned and showing the underlying terrain (for the diddling around!), have you tried using Add Image? It's a great way to add satellite, aerial, or other imagery (maps/charts?) as a base to lay scenery over (generally airfields). There are numerous ways to set up and align the images and the method generally provides a very accurate way of presenting terrain for your object placement.

As far as the flag is concerned, I'd stick with the good old Union Flag (note, being pedantic, it's only a Jack at the stem of a warship ;)). I'm conflicted by being British and living at intervals now in the USA and Thailand. Right now I'm showing the Ohio flag for some reason... Probably should change that, eh?