As there had not been any updates to this thread, I assume, that developing on the G195 has ceized?

What about this Project? has that one been released somewhen and I didn't noticed? Or has the G195 died?

Thanks for any informations about current state of developing.
yes I know I've been one of these few many people waiting and hoping but saddened that nothing has come of it...if you look at his blog he was working on other aircraft...
:/ cant seem to fix prop visibility on 1.4 / 2.5 sdk
pd: been busy a lot with scenery ,AI and lowpoly stuff, the plane still around.
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ya sorry to bump a topic but yes same here why not post link to where to download it!!
if in fact he has released it which i dont think so...in that case HO1VE dont forget to post images and stuff
hi there! mates :)

been busy on commissions plus country self destructing mode, but yes... it still on develop

if you ever want to know or support follow the blog or just DM

god bless ya aall