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P3D v3 General questions about aircraft lighting...

Hey all...

As I am sure many of you have noticed the lighting for aircraft has changed dramatically with new updates of P3D. In the past I could add my own custom landing, nav, and strobe lights via A2A Shockwave or mix/match from other aircraft.

But now, taking a look at the current default aircraft line-up, the strobes are nothing more than looking like a little dot blinking on/off. Or, if one is plane spotting, landing lights are huge "blobs" of light when checking out an aircraft in the distance.

So my questions are very layman, very basic as I have never really ventured into effects with lighting and was just curious for some input. My questions are related to upgrading my AI aircraft any user aircraft. Not for designing an aircraft.

1. Is it possible to design a landing light (.fx), that decreases in size the farther away it is rather than larger or is that hard-wired in P3D (or FSX) engine?

2. And/or, could one create different LOD textures to make the lights smaller at a distance?

3. Appears the halo.bmp is a contributor to the light creation process. Any others I should be aware of?

Yes, very basic questions. Just sort of dabbling/researching the issue. Was hoping LM was going to address this a little in 3.1 like they did the water but this seems to be a non-priority for them.
With P3dv3, light fx called up in the aircraft.cfg behave oddly, seeming to scale inversely with the distance to the viewer. Light fx called up in the mdl itself, or defined in the [smokesystem] section of the aircraft.cfg behave correctly.