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I’m having trouble getting the generic building designer within sbuilderx 3.15 to save the "top section" texture x-tiling value to my previewed tiling setting. I can adjust it from default "1" to whatever tiling scale I want in the viewer (preview), but whenever I hit "OK" to save the building and how I want the texture tiled, if I later on open the building object properties, the "x-tiling" value on only the top section is back to "1". The "x tiling" value on the "top section" is the only tiling value that will not save on any of the building sections...bottom, window, & top. All of the other tiling values save as I set them in the viewer and ultimately in FSX. Any help is appreciated because all my buildings designed with sbuilderx look funny because it won't save the x-tiling value on the "top section" of my buildings to anything other than the value of "1" and the texture ends up very stretched or compressed depending on the size of the building I am designing. Thanks for any help or advice.

Thanks for reply GaryGB. Yes, I have reviewed just about everything I could find regarding generic buildings in sbuildetx. It’s not that I am having trouble designing or figuring out the textures, it’s just the fact that the “x tiling” value on the buildings top section is the only value that will not save to anything other than the value of “1”. Every other tiling value on all other sections save to whatever value I want them to be, except for the x tiling on the top section, it always reverts and compiles as “1”.
Hi again:

IIRC, there is a known bug with FSX Generic Buildings involving mapping of certain textures for rooftops and/or gables that support rooftops; although I do not recall the specifics, there was reportedly a workaround implemented by someone.

If I can recall what that was, I shall post the info here. :scratchch


Description of the issue on Page 33 of 36:

There is a bug with some of the Autogen roof textures, can this be fixed?
FSX has a bug with some of the autogen building texture mapping for large flat
roofs. Sometimes large flat roofed buildings will display a double chevron gable texture
which clearly should not be there. We are working on a solution to this and are seeking to
find out which FSX file is causing the bug so we can produce a patch for it."


Be aware also that placement and display of Generic Buildings as Autogen and/ or via definitions for same in a BGLComp-compiled placement BGL ...was intended by MS-ACES to "force" randomization of texture mapping at run time. ;)

BTW: If you instead wish to "force" specific texture mapping on Generic Buildings as discrete 'static' (non-randomized) 3D models that can be treated as standard 3D scenery objects, you can use the SBuilderX version 3.15 feature to compile a Generic Building as a MDL via XtoMDL (it even has a basic 3D interactive preview window). :wizard:

The resulting MDL scenery object can then be packaged and placed normally via a BGLComp-compiled BGL.

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