P3D v4 Getting into development

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to the scenery development industry and no one seems to have any interest in doing Irish airports so I took it upon myself to do it :p

Just looking for some tips for the best programs to use to get the best quality possible. I want to try and get up to the payware standard which for now will be freeware.

At the moment I'm using;
  • SBuilderX for photoreal imagery (please advise if there's a better way)
  • Airport Design Editor for alignment and AFCAD
  • Photoshop for editing (haven't created any custom textures yet)
  • I'm not really sure what to use for 3D modelling as I have very little experience in that but looking to learn.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks guys,
Here is my shortlist for the scenery project I'm working on currently:
Also, don't forget the default SDK tools, particularly TMFViewer, resampler, shp2vec and BGLComp will be your long-time friends along the road. Be careful to use only the ones supplied with your version of simulator. :)

Hope this helps! And good luck!!!
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