Getting started with an air race

I've been working on an air race mission for use in singleplayer, and an issue that seems like it should be very simple has caused no end of trouble - no matter how I configure the race info, I can't get the race timer panel to appear (or the race to commence).

I've set up this mission with various configurations, but the predominant one has been one of a race course with three or four pylon/volume race points and a race info that starts automatically. I can see the standard race map panel (and the status panel below) just fine, although none of the race points show up on the map.

I've pored over the docs and looked through any number of forums and found very little in the way of race-specific documentation or even forum posts. Is there a reasonably well-documented method to working with races? Everything I've read seems to take this step I've had such trouble with for granted.

Where potentially is my mistake, and what information can I provide to further clarify (if necessary)?