FSXA gimp question

It does . Let me see...


Havent added plugins in over a year. almost forgot how to do it lol

If you dont see the plugins folder, you can make one named "plug-ins" but it should be under lib.

C:\Program Files (x86)\gnome\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins
I switched to gimpshop so i cant confirm the directory is 100% but it should be almost the same as above

If using GimPhoto or GimpShop, it should be similar.

Gimpshop it is C:\Program Files (x86)\GimpShop\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins
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Thanx. I have a friend of mine who uses Gimp. I wanted to have him get Metrix - a free plug-in and see if it will work in Gimp. Bob

This is a neat little plug in. It samples a color and transfers it. A bit easier to use - I think - than color replacer tools etc. Anyway- a dandy little tool. Free.

It has a yearly timer on it. Some time in January each year it stops working and you have to go back to his website to re download. Not much of a hassle. You can share with people but Josh asks that you get it from the site instead .... as a courtesy.

Basically (you can use just one bmp if you want to but) open two bmps. Let's say or your photoreal and another one which might be for fall or spring (screenshot template). Call this template pic A and the bmp pic B.

In your paint program.... open up both A and B. choose select (the little marching ants square or lasso ) on pic A and select a portion of it for the basic color you are looking for. Now call up Metrix (in PSP I choose -effects- plug ins- Metrix) - make sure to click analyze and then ok. The marching ants freeze momentarily then start marching again. done. NOW - go to Pic B and choose... perhaps.... lasso with edge finder an draw around where you want to make color changes, double click to close the edge finder poly. find Metrix again and make sure you choose 'apply' this time, click ok. Wait a sec and the change is made, and done very nicely. I've used magic wand in the past but it kind of leave a mottled look and you have to mess with tolerance too much.

Give it a try. Let me know if it works in Gimp. it does work in many Photoshop versions, and PSP and the older Jasc psp. Bob
ill have to give it a whiz. i could have used this about a week ago but suffered doing it by hand. lol
the plugin for photoshop works for gimp?
dumb question lol
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Yeah- see if Metrix works in Gimp. If it does... wonderful. Bob (BTW- I gave better instructions on how to than Josh does. ) <--- cuz I am sooooo good- you all may kiss my ring now! Bwahahahaha. I'll take a pizza and a 6 pack and a 3 day vacation, thank yooooo! :) bob
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But never fear!
In addition to Adobe Photoshop, Metrix can be used with any Windows program
that hosts Photoshop plug-ins, including Photoshop Elements, Illustrator,
After Effects, CorelDRAW!, Paint Shop Pro, and Freehand. It can also be used
with certain versions of 3D Max, Bryce, Canvas, Combustion, Deep Paint,
Digital Image Pro, Fireworks, GIMP, HyperStudio, imageN, IrfanView,
Microsoft Expression, Painter, Photo House, PhotoBrush, PhotoDeluxe,
PhotoDraw, PhotoExpress, PhotoImpact, Photoline, PhotoPaint, PhotoPlus,
Picture Publisher, Plugin Commander Light, Plugin Commander Pro, QFX/LE,
Serif PhotoPlus, SigmaPi NiGulp, Ultimate FX, Ultimate Paint, VCW Vicman's
Photo Editor, and XnView.