Gmax Animation Manager / Groups

I'd like to start learning how to manipulate code for different animations needed in my model. In Gamx/Animation Manager on the left, there are "Groups"

Group Tests
Carrier Specific
EH-101 Specific

How would I go about creating a Group, GUID specific and visible when I open the Animation Manager for my animation codes that I adjust and/or use?

I would also like to have a section in the modeldef.xml for those animations so they can easily be found in one place rather than scattered throughout the list.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense and someone can assist me in my wishes.
Thanks HS for pointing me to the topic. I tried searching, my terms were definitely wrong as/to why nothing was found.

After studying in your linked topic I eventually picked up on what needed to be done. My thanks go out to Bill, Bill and Daniel for the help I was needing. Very helpful.

My creating the "Group" was not as simple as it looks. It took a close study to show my "Group". Several times when opening the modeldef.xml it basically crashed (Failed to load modeldef.xml. Please close the tool and try again) due to a "missing" space between the " guid. <AnimationGroup name="GroupTests" guid="0xB331C7EF,0xE2BA4276,0x84C433B2,0xBA9781B2">

Once corrected the "Group" popped right in. Now for adding in the animation.
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