FSW GPS Locations; how to?

I am missing something. I cannot figure out how to get my GPS coordinate in. Perhaps I am doing it right but the system isnt reading it right?

My coordinate in P3D V4 is LAT. N33* 30.86 LON. W111* 57.68

In the tutorial I watched on YouTube, a very short code was entered for an Island in the ocean. It reminded me of the FS2004 days, when GPS was (if I remember correctly) slightly shorter. Its been many years.

Can someone point out how the coordinates are entered?

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Hi Bill:

IUC you refer to Geographic coordinates being in "Decimal" format ...rather than the longer Degrees / Minutes / Seconds format.

SBuilderX Menu > Edit > Edit INI File... (SBuilderX. INI file opens in NotePad )

Configure this sub-section of the INI as desired:

LonIniCenter= 0
LatIniCenter= 0

Working with Geographic coordinates in "Decimal Degrees" format is indeed much easier. :pushpin:

Hope this helps. :)

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So... can you still do that in FSX or is that all changed now? And if so, is there a quick way to convert or should I just go with this?

N33* 30.86 take 30.86 and divide by 60 and add to the degree => 30.86/60 = 0.51433333333 then add 33 = 33.51433333333

W111* 57.68 take 57.68/60+111 = 111.961333333 West (-tive) so -111.961333333

Now not sure if you can put in N or W - but I believe West(W) long and South(S) lat are negative.

So... can you still do that in FSX or is that all changed now? And if so, is there a quick way to convert or should I just go with this?
Hi Bill:

IIUC, you are asking whether the FSX Map input 'Geographic coordinate' fields accept Decimal Degree format as well as 'Fractional Degree' format ?

If so, IIRC, yes, but as Ron posted above, South Latitude / West Longitude each accept a (-) or a S or W before the numeric coordinate string in those map fields

Hi Folks

Bill -
May I suggest an easier method, involving zero calculation,
to convert coordinates between formats,
which'll also visually validate your coordinates location.

Google Maps is fairly tolerant of input formats,
and gives 2 alternative output conversion formats.

In your web-browser -
Open Google Maps.

Paste in your coordinates into the search box.

For the coordinate string you'd posted above -
Edit your coordinate text -
Remove the unsupported words LAT, LON, and *.
Add a comma between the lat value & lon value

33 30.86 n, 111 57.68 w

33°30'51.6"N 111°57'40.8"W
33.514333, -111.961333

Additionally a pin will display on the map at those coordinates.

If your pin is not quite in the right place -
Right-click on the map at your required location,
the context menu will display.
Click the option - What's Here ?

A small disc will display on the map
and popup will display at the foot of the map.

The popup contains a coordinates link, (unfortunately not selectable/copyable).
clicking the link will update the OUTPUTS coordinates,
(but not those you'd originally entered in the search box itself).

Many thanks Paul! I found that out late last night when looking at the White Tanks mountain range. So instead of finding GPS coordinates in the sim, we can just get them on the maps. Love that. And the coordinates for SBuilderX.

Many many thanks.

So, BASys, where have you been hiding?

Hi Folks

Bill -
Under an extremely large rock. :D

My apologies for not replying previously.

I've been avoiding forums
whilst struggling with texturing, :banghead:
trying to complete an extremely overdue project.