FSX Ground Effects

We have thousands of images, I dont know wich one is good for you..
Another thing is why you cannot make an image ? what is the matter ?
may be we can help !
you have to make alpha channel.
There are various editors that can do it.. Let us know what you work with ?
Tell us your workflow so we can troubleshoot your problem.
Also try to search forum. Use search bar that on upper right corner of this website.
Let us know what you work with ?
2. If you do not understand text, then how are you going to understand voice ?
3. Image that you usually see is RGB, that is mix of the milions of tones of Red, Green, Blue. Alpha channel is invisible or is behind RGB. This kind of image is RGBA.
Alpha channel is responsible to make RGB more or less visible. Alpha channel has color range from Black to White. Black is invisible, White is visible and anything between is visible accordingly. So grey will be half transparent/Opaque.
And so, make copy of your texture, open it in Microsoft Paint for Windows , take brush tool and paint black on areas that you want transparent, paint white over areas that you want opaque.
Open DXTBMP, Load original of your texture, find alpha channel window on top right and locate your copy of the texture in there.. Save as DDS, TGA, BMP.. what ever suits you..
Now you have Alpha channel along with RGB
4. Search Youtube for image alpha channels and how to make them with the software that you use.
See translation here, hope this is your language that you understand.
fsfox can you make a ground effects for me becouse im trying but i cant make it ? :/ Please :) Thanks so much
Unfortunately I'm too busy to help you this way, I fully understand you, I understand that this is very difficult for newbie or starter or whatever is on its beginning..
I had I have the same situation believe me or not. Dude, I spent more than 3 years to learn all of the software that you see in my signature and I'm still learning to add few more. Software like Illustrator and Indesign.
Don't be afraid of learning, don't be afraid to spend time and effort for learning arts..
If I will make the stuff for you, you won't be an artist ever .