Ground terrain grass


Does anyone have any idea which texture provides this realistic grass? Gypsymoth on flightsim FS9 forum doesn't seem to know which it is though he used it with SBuilder using the VTP2 "assembled" texture 1183 Grass. if possible email me on rogwen at rogers dot com. Thanks!
That's not standard grass. That looks like custom ground poly texture with a noise transparency.
I agree. And looking good too. Unfortunately, although gypsymoth/Terry must possess the texture he does not seem to know which one it is. He also said he got a lot of help from guys on this site when he was starting up with SBuilder in scenery making so I hoped someone might recognise it. Scruffyduck, Gibson, GarryGB, Stevo were the names he mentioned. He also suggested that Golden Wings was part of the texture creation, though how remains unclear. Take a look at the rather disjointed discussion on the FS9 flightsim forum.
For what it is worth -

…...get Terry to send you his Detail1.bmp and Detail100.bmp from his FS9 / Scenery / World / Texture folder, I think there lies your answer, I am pretty sure you will then see what he is seeing.
Just make sure that you have default ' Texture Detail ' toggled on, in the FS9 Settings Menu.


Pete Beeby.