FS2004 Groundpoly bleed

Hi! I've a strage problem in my scenery. First of all I have a LWM flatten set to 69.8m which is the airport elevation. I created a 2x2 grid in Gmax, appliyed textures and tweaked (layer 8) as groundpoly. Loaded FS, all ok.

Then I created a rectangle as a roughly runway, exported and tweaked (layer 12). Now, when I load I see the first grid bleeding through the runway. All polygons are 0 elevation (z: 0 in gmax). I'm really going crazy as I cannot go thru this. Any hints? I need to put also an Area16 polygon or LWM should be enough?:confused:

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LWM flatten should be enough, area16 flattens are really old.
Thank you Arno. I removed the Area16 flatten and kept only the LWM one made by SBuilder9. All elevation's points are set to the same value (69.8m). I made several groundpoly and I never faced this problem.
As I said, the strange fact is that the bleed effects comes only when I have more than two objects (es: ground and runway, or grass and ground). If I leave only one model, all is ok.
I also tried to create a brand new polygon in gmax, tweaked and placed but the problem remains. The LWM flatten polygon cover the entire airport area, this means that runway, grass and ground polygon are inside my lwm.
Any hints? it could be up to the LWM itself?
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I solved this issue by using a workaround: I've elevated all flatten models of 0.0125m above the surface and that strange effect disappeared. Btw it's strange, as I made several groundpoly and I've neved faced this kind of issue. I hope the trick I used won't bring me drawbacks... :rolleyes:
Just for information: the shimmering effect was due to the autogen suppression tweak I've implemented. In order to avoid that strage behavior, I had to set the ground layer's to 14.