GSX trigger for SODE object

if I create a SODE object (for example a light) and I want it to get enabled/showed as soon as I select a gate in GSX - is this somehow possible?

I want to create taxi-lights for gates (all have the same lengh) so I want to create a SODE object with lights and then I thought to add it to a selection/load of a GSX gate.
Thats because all airports have lights on the taxiway but not into the gate. And this is what real airports have during low visibility operations, that they enable lights into the gate for planes so they know at which line they have to turn in.

Thx for any kind of help :)
Hi Timm,

Very cool idea! Yes, this is how it works in Zurich for example with the gate lead-in lights.
Right now, this is not possible. But I have noted your suggestion and will look into it.

Best regards,
thx for your answer.

For the moment it would only work if you create just a .bgl with lights (3-4 led's in a line) to place it for each gate together with the jetways and VDGS, add this object to the SODE file I guess but its just a project.. and this would be much work :D
But nice - looking forward :)