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Hannover International Airport EDDV

back again with a small preview. After long time I opened up Blender again and forgot nearly everthing :D So I decided to model something to get familar with the tool again. I chose Hannover cause of being the nearest International Airport to me. Here are just two quick renders. I dont really know for now if I ever will take this one to a finish state ;)

Dont know if the image size is too big...
One of the most underrated airports in Germany. 24/7 flights, very well connected, good layout and not too crowded.

Keep the motivation up, I'm definitely interested in this one!
I'd like to see Hannover as well! To be honest, the Aerosoft version is trash, and is not working in P3D v4.
Keep going!
Fresh out of Blender with some other render settings for my previews for a better view of some details. Picture covers the old tower of EDDV. Some details need to be added but after a long time showing nothing, just wanted to share this one with you ;)

Are you sure EDDV will be the same once you have finished your scenery?
I know from experience that things change on airports fast.
It took us (me+2) three years to finish one. And once we thought we had it done, real life changes made us have to do a lot more changes (plus the fact that the photoreal was not up to date any longer):eek:.
.Just a warning :).
Keep up the good work while bearing in mind the above said.


No I dont think so, but didnt say it anywhere :) I am just meaning the last of three different towers at EDDV.
I will try my best
Hey Friedolin, I would like to join my previous speakers just once, I think it's really great that you implement the airport EDDV (Hannover) for P3D v4. Good job, keep it up!. :)
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a lot of things happend in the last few things. Finally I got some time to get a step back into modeling. I can happily say that we are now a little group who are developing EDDV. This means that someone is doing the GP, someone the terminal, someone the jetways and others different models/textures. Hopefully we can get more progress now. I want to show you some models. Also texture stuff is on its way but just not ready to showcast ;)

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

untitled (3).jpg
I said in an other contribution, one should prohibit this showroom forum, since it can be frustrating and discouraging, seeing the projects of others!;);):)
Hey guys,

a lot of work done since the last post. Also we decided to wait for the next post here, we just cant wait to show you these renders from our enhanced models of the two towers located at EDDV. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

First one is the old tower

And here are two pictures form the new tower.


Compare the pictures to the posts posted earlier. We think that its a huge step.
We are also working hard on GroundPoly, Vehicle and all other buildings and coming to you soon with new updates ;) Stay tuned