Helpful tips, addons and tools

World Region addon:
This will add a new region to the map in Flight called "World" which will allow you to place your aircraft at any place in the world. If you have the GFWL-less version of the Flight Toolkit you will also see a GPS-like map in place of the standard Hawaii and Alaska map.

This tool comes with the latest versions of the Flight Toolkit, and will let you move the aircraft to any Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. Make sure you don't set the altitude below ground level or you will crash into the ground and Flight could behave badly.
- Run SimDataEditor
- Start Flight
- Go to the map screen or into a free flight.
- In SimDataEditor, enter the Lat, Lon, Alt values in degrees and meters.

Flight Asset Locator by ollyah:
This tool makes use of some of the code form the Flight Toolkit to allow easily searching for various assets within Flight.
FlightAssetLocator.exe DisplayAssetMetadata <guid>
FlightAssetLocator.exe DisplayAssetMetadataByType <guid>
FlightAssetLocator.exe DisplayAssetMetadataByPath <VirtualPath>
Granny Viewer:
Flight uses Granny 3D for modelling. Granny Viewer (aka. gr2 viewer) lets you see these models and their relevant scripts. Flight uses a custom extension (.model), instead of the standard .GR2 format, thus older versions cannot open the models. A working version which allows Flight models to be opened can be obtained here (v.

To view extended ANIMATION script:
- Animation Pane
- Right Click Animation
- View in Detail
- Track Groups (left click to "view sub-structure")
- Extended Data (left click to "view sub-structure")