FSXA High Performance Living...

Just going to leave these here.... Work in progress of another field that will compliment an existing project, with an approximately 9.5 square miles of coverage area around this field.

Surrounding Mall...

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Another look at the surrounding mall area...Going to try and somewhat represent what the buildings each looks like to add that extra hint of realism. Concord Mills Mall area, the apartments and Wal-Mart adjacent to the airport, and the Great Wolf Lodge and Speedway will all be included.

Looking good, just a simple non-requested suggestion (which you may already be aware of). A lot of the polygons you are creating such as 3D letters, the different material sections on a wall, the elevations on the airport buildings, the depth on the hangar doors......can be eliminated using properly shaded texture effects. This would help keep your vertices number low, and therefore better performance, although since you don't have that many buildings it may be perfectly fine the way you have it.

In any case, looking good!

Just one as an update. Been very busy with real world flying 5-6 days a week and limited time to work on this project. It is still alive, just moving slowly.